Dr Tara-Lyn Camilleri


Evolutionary Ecologist

An understanding of evolution can change the world. From behaviour to health and medicine, to climate change and food security—evolution is fundamental to it all.

Parental effects, nutrition, and evolution

I love to study how living things interact with their environment, and how their environment shapes them. The quality of an organism’s diet can affect their health, lifespan, behaviour, and how much they reproduce. These changes can have flow on effects to the next generation.

Using fruit flies

I use fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) to investigate the effects that parent’s diets have on their offspring, and grand offspring.

Media & Science Communication

Women In Ecology & Evolution podcast

Hear me on the Women In Ecology & Evolution podcast (W.E.E podcast) talking about my career before academia, my pathway into science, as well as burnout and working during a pandemic


Read my YoungerBee article on the strange role that protein plays in obesity

3 min thesis

Watch me summarise my thesis in 3 mins,


See videos explaining concepts, highlighting new research, and sharing facts about the interesting evolution of animals, as well as some of my personal journey through my PhD

Barbara Hale Fellowship

Read my featured interview with Melbourne University’s Graduate House about my Barbara Hale Fellowship win (from Australian Graduate Women)e

Graduate Women in Science

Read my interview with Lauren from Graduate Women in Science about my review article, Transgenerational obesity and healthy ageing in Drosophila

Geeky Girl Reality

Read my interview with Geeky Girl Reality, about why I chose this path, my roles models, and what advice I have for younger women who want to pursue STEM

Million Stem Women

Read my interview with Million Stem Women, about why I chose this path and what advice I have for younger women who want to pursue STEM

Einstein a Go-Go

Hear me on RRR’s show Einstein a Go-Go, talking about nutritional ecology and doing a Phd in a pandemic


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Cross-generational effects of nutrition on life history in Drosophila melanogaster

Monash University

Sex-specific transgenerational effects of diet on offspring life history and physiology


Maternal and paternal sugar consumption interact to modify offspring life history and physiology

Functional Ecology

Transgenerational obesity and healthy ageing in Drosophila

The Journals of Gerontology: Series A

The transgenerational effects of obesogenic diets

Obesity Research & Clinical Practice 13 (3), 280


Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Sciences

Male aggressiveness as intrasexual contest competition in a cross-cultural sample

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology

Intrasexual Violence and Aggression

Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science


Graduate Women Victoria

I am a committee member of GWV, we work hard to empower women to pursue higher education. Each year we offer a range of scholarships to help women continue their tertiary education. We are also passionate about our advocacy, for more information please visit: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Chronic Illness in Academia

Having chronic illness or disability in academia can be extra tough, if you are a fellow sufferer please know that there are communities you can join, such as the Chronically Academic Chronic Illness Twitter Page can be found here


If you would like to contact me about collaboration, or science communication please email me at:

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